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Milwaukee Road PS-1 Boxcars 35000 and 35044

After building a resin stock car I wanted an easier build.  A review of the kits in the to build cabinet produced two plastic InterMountain Milwaukee Road PS-1 boxcars numbered 35000 and 35044.  The two 1995 limited edition kits were purchased from the the Milwaukee Road Historical Association in 1996.  Therefore, the cars needed to be upgraded with current available parts.  I built MILW 35044 first and followed with the build of MILW 35000.  Each car was built a little different as MILW 35044 used more kit parts than MILW 35000.

The prototype Milwaukee Road (MILW) PS-1 boxcars built in 1951 by Pullman -Standard were assigned to series 35000 to 35044.  The cars had 6 foot Superior doors. The cars were painted and lettered in the MILW original Hiawatha paint scheme used until 1953 when the herald changed to “The Milwaukee Road”.  A very complete article on the the Pullman-Standard PS-1 Boxcar by Todd Sullivan was printed in the December 1982 issue of Mainline Modeler magazine.  The same article appears in the Freight Cars, Volume One (Phoenix Publishing, 1991).  A color photo of MILW 39967 repainted in the 1958 large billboard scheme with large herald on the right can be seen in Milwaukee Road Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, Vol. 2 (Morning Sun Books, Inc., 2000).

Milwaukee Road 1949 Diagram Book
(click or tap on this or any image to enlarge)

I began the build of cars 35000 and 35044 with the underbody.  On both cars underbody kit parts were used with some exceptions listed below.  Coupler pads and bolster center pads were tapped for 2-56 screws.  Some brake rods broke during flash removal and were replaced with Tichy Train Group (Tichy) phosphor bronze wire (PBW).  Both cars were weighted to 3.8 ounces with eight 1/4 ounce tire weights.  Kadee # 148 whisker couplers were installed in coupler pockets and InterMountain 33” metal wheels in kit ARA cast steel with spring plank trucks with brake shoes removed.

Car tire weights installed in carbody.

Car 35044  used all kit parts with the exception of the following parts:
- bell crank, Tichy, set #3013 (Use kit one.  I could not find kit one.)
- brake rod, Tichy #1106, .0125” diameter phosphor bronze wire (PBW)
- Fastenal 2-56 x 1/4” screws to attach trucks
- Fastenal 2-56 x 1/4” screws to attach kit drilled and tapped coupler pockets

MILW 35044 underbody.

Car 35000 used kit parts except for the following parts:
- couplers pockets, Kadee #262 narrow whisker gearboxes
- styrene coupler pad shim cut from .045” sheet styrene under narrow gearboxes
- coupler pad shim is needed to obtain proper coupler height
- train line, .018” floral wire
- dirt collector, Tichy set #3013
- brake rods, two are Tichy #1106, .0125” diameter PBW
- chain, A-Line #29219, 40 links per inch
- brake cylinder rounded on top with a piece cut from Tichy modern brake cylinder 
- Fastenal 2-56 x 1/4 “ screws to attach trucks
- Athearn , ATH 99003, 2-56 x 5/16” screws to attach coupler pockets and shim

MILW 35000 underbody.

After underbody work was done and weight added, the roof was installed to complete basic body assembly.  Car doors are not added at this time to allow a place to hold the car during remaining assembly.

Basic body assembled.

Ladders were installed next.  Car 35044 received kit ladders and car 35000 had Kadee #2012 ladders installed.  The Kadee ladders required InterMountain drilled holes be filled with plastic rod and new holes drilled with #65, .035” drill for the Kadee ladder mounting pins.

MILW 35044 with kit ladders applied.

MILW 35000 with Kadee ladders installed.

MILW 35000 withe Kadee ladders installed on basic body.

Once I installed the ladders, I moved onto the “B” end details.  Car 35044  and 35000 had the following kit parts installed:  brake gear housing, chain, brake step (platform) brackets, a part of plastic brake rod  and brake rod clevis to attach to bell crank and placard boards. Other detail parts used on the car follow for each car.

MILW 35044 “B” end parts installed:
- brake step, Plano Model Products set #11322
- brake rod, Tichy #1102, .015” diameter PBW ( between chain & brake rod clevis)
- retainer valve, resin part with plastic made parts added to match prototype
 - use kit retainer valve (My kit retainer valve flew away from tweezers)
- retainer line and brackets, Tichy #1100, .008” diameter PBW
- brake wheel, kit ( need to change to Kadee Universal)
- Kadee PS-1 end grab irons, end grab fits existing holes, sill grab new holes drilled
- eye bolts for uncoupling lever formed from Tichy #1101, .010” diameter PBW
- uncoupling levers, bent from Tichy, #1106, .0125” diameter PBW

MILW "B" end with some detail parts added
before being hand painted.

MILW 35044 "B" end with details applied.
Some details have already been painted.

Retainer valve rework.  Bits box plastic rod with
portion of Kadee ladder rung for handle.

MILW 35000 “B” end parts installed
- brake step, made by cutting out of a Kadee Apex lateral running board
- brake rod, Tichy #1102, .015” diameter PBW
- retainer valve, kit
- retainer line and brackets, Tichy #1100, .008” diameter PBW
- brake wheel, Kadee Universal #2023
- Kadee # 2250 and # 2253, PS-1 end grab irons, end grab fits existing holes
- Kadee sill grab iron requires new holes drilled for install
- eye bolts for uncoupling lever formed from Tichy #1101, .010” diameter PBW
- uncoupling levers, bent from Tichy, #1106, .0125” diameter PBW

MILW 35000 "B" end details.

MILW 35000 "B" end with made brake step (platform)
 visible from above.

Next the roof.  A Kadee Apex #2001, hand painted with Vallejo Model Air aluminum 71.062, prior to install, was installed.  The mounting pins on end brackets need to be cut off to mount flush on the car body end.  The running boards were installed at the end of a modeling session using Formula 560 Canopy glue and a weight added allowing the glue to dry overnight.

MILW 35044 with Kadee Apex running boards applied.

MILW 35000 with Kadee Apex running boards applied.

I only needed to do the work on the sides to complete the builds.  Kadee #2251 grab irons were installed.  The Kadee #2251, bracket grab irons mount in the kit holes that InterMountain made.  A-Line sill steps #29000, style A, under the grab irons on the left side and # 29002, style C , under the ladders were installed in holes made with #76 drill.  The doors were installed.  Prior to install molded on door handles were carved off and replacements made with Tichy #1101, .010” diameter PBW.  And, placard boards provided in the kit were installed.

MILW 35044 with side details.
Door placard boards yet to be added.

MILW 35000 with side details installed.
Door placard boards have been added.

With all detail parts added to complete build and upgrade, parts were now hand painted.  On the sides Vallejo/Micro-Mark Model Air 71.080, Boxcar Red was used.  On the ends and underbody I used Vallejo Model Color 70.950, Black.  And, the trucks were hand painted with Vallejo Model Color 70.862 Black Grey. When all detail parts were dry the car body was sprayed with Vallejo Matt Varnish 70.520 , to protect cars during handling and to provide a weathering base.

I used Pan Pastels and Artmatic eye shadow makeup to weather both cars.  Pan Pastels used were as follows: Payne’s Grey Extra Dark 840.1  on roof and  very light on car body, Burnt Sienna Shade 740.3  on side and on ends and Artmatic eye shadow makeup lightly on the side and ends.  Weathering applied with makeup brushes, sponge applicators and Q-tips for blending and final finishing.

Since Kadee set the high standard for the PS-1 boxcar reviewed in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, RP CYC 2 ( RP CYC Publishing Company, 1998),  I thought I would include several comparison photos.

Kadee  MILW 35003 on left.
 InterMountain MILW 35044 upgraded on right.

Kadee  MILW 35003 on left'
 InterMountain  MILW 35000 upgraded on right.

Kadee MILW 35003 on left.
InterMountain MILW 35000 center and MILW k35044 on right.

After weathering with Pan Pastels MILW 35000 and MILW 35044  were ready for service on the Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company, “Serving today, Shaping tomorrow.”  The Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company fleet has increased two more cars.  Two cars that should have been in service years ago.

MILW Road PS-1's sitting on mainline before
being moved into Minneapolis Chestnut Street yard.

MILW Road PS-1's sitting on mainline before
being moved into Minneapolis Chestnut Street yard.

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