Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Swift Refrigerator Line 14973

Swift Refrigerator Line 14973, another Walthers kit 932-2551, is out of the M&N Shops and back in service on the railroad.  Swift Refrigerator Line 14973 began service in 1996 as did 14970.  The car received the same detail changes except for the Royal slack adjuster as Swift Refrigerator Line 14970 described in detail on this blog . On this car the Royal slack adjuster installed was a resin cast part from the parts inventory rather than being scratch built as on Swift Refrigerator Line 14970. You can enjoy the photos and if you wish to read the upgrade details please find Swift Refrigerator Line 14970.

Car on Swift plant siding.
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Cars sitting on Swift plant siding after icing at Kool Ice

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