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Model Brake Component Size Comparison to Prototype

Model Brake Component Size To Westinghouse Brake Component Size Comparison

By George Toman
Photos by Lester Breuer

I measured the Tichy Train Group (Tichy),  Cal-Sale and Precision Scale model brake components to compare to prototype parts measurements from a 1951 Westinghouse Freight Car Brake Equipment document.

Tichy Train Group brake gear.
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Cal-Scale brake gear measured.

Precision Scale brake parts measured.

Westinghouse Air Brake Company booklet
George obtained prototype brake component measurements.

 George’s measurements made with a Digital Dial Caliper are as follows:

                    AB Valve                                    Reservoir                                 Brake Cylinder

Prototype     Length = 22 1/4 in.                 Length    = 41 1/8 in.               Length    = 27 3/16 in.
                    Height  = 13 3/4 in.                 Diameter = 18 7/8 in.              Diameter = 13 1/4 in.

Tichy            Length = 22.9 in.                    Length    = 37.5 in.                  Length    = 26.5 in.
                     Height  = 10.8 in.                   Diameter = 18.26 in.                Diameter = 13.8 in.

Cal-Scale      Length = 26 in.                       Length    = 43 in.                     Length     = 26.5 in.
                     Height  = 11.2 in.                    Diameter = 21.5 in.                  Diameter = 15.5 in.

Precision                                                      Length    = 43 in.
Scale                                                            Diameter = 21 in.

Based on these measurements I have concluded the 1951 specs are closest to Tichy Train Group brake components.  The specs I was given by someone,  I do not remember who, gave me larger specs for the reservoir  leading me to think that the Precision or Cal-Scale components would be the closest.  However, based on my findings, I guess I will continue to use Tichy brake components until proven otherwise.

My measurements may be off by a factor of .010 as it often depends where you measure the part, but I was surprised at the results based upon the official drawings.

George Toman

Thank You George for sharing the above brake component data you compiled.

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Lester Breuer

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